Gaia Gray deeply values art for its power to heal and transform the human heart and mind. As a mixed media artist who loves experimenting, she combines painting, drawing, printmaking, and collage. This creates a unique style that is eclectic, bold, and playful yet also grounded and mindful.

She grew up in Vermont in an art-loving family and spent time learning performing arts when she was a child. In her twenties, she moved to Arizona. She studied expressive arts and transpersonal psychology, diving deep into the intersecting realms of the psyche, spirituality, and self-expression. She continued to lean into performing and visual arts to process her thoughts during this time. This led her to ultimately study and practice Art Therapy which continues to heavily inform her work. For a number of years, she worked with Adults who suffered from severe forms of mental illness. She used her skills to match art materials and processes to mind states and emotional needs. Consequently, she developed an art style involving multiple art materials and switching fluidly between them.

In late 2020 she suffered a severe attack of a rare autoimmune disorder. This illness forced her to slow down the pace of her life dramatically. Digging into her internal resources to cope, she turned to art to establish equilibrium. She began to make art again to heal and grow. She continues to make art because creativity is life-affirming. She makes art to help keep her present and grounded. She makes art to comment on the human condition with its joys and sorrows. Gaia lives with her husband, Dave, and teenage son, River. They, too, are creative souls and artists. She makes art to connect with her family. Gaia hopes you will find something that resonates with your daily life in her work.